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Speak of the devil, here I go again, right back there to what could have been
They say your name like you’re just some friend asking if I’ve heard from you, and I just smile as I’m falling apart, I’ve got a real good memory and a hair-trigger heart
One little spark and I’m going through hell again
Speak of the devil - Speak of the Devil- Randy Rogers Band (via masonjarsandcowboybars)
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theorlandoredneck: Yeah you did, haha. One of the nights it was really cold, I was the guy who offered to get ya some hot chocolate, the only Chris on the team

Ugh, I was so disgusted by the fact that it could be cold down here. So different from the cold up north, while still  an awful wet cold, nothing like freezing your wet hair to where if you move it, it’ll break. But still awful cold all the same.

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I’m not the kind of girl that you take out causally for a date. I’m not the kind of girl you call when you need a one night stand. I’m the kind of girl that you marry. The kind that you have to settle down with. If you don’t know if you can be in a relationship for years & ultimately the thought of forever, don’t bother with me. I know what I want. I know what I need. If you’re not it from the beginning, I’m not wasting my time. - (via trucksfordslove) posted 1 day ago / 628 notes / reblog

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